Scuba Equipment / Mask & Snorkel  Rent Renting price
Scuba Package: 1-tank, BCD, Weight, Regulator $35
1-tank $8
B.C.D. with balanced power inflator $12
Regulator (1st. & primary 2nd.stage, octopus, pressure & depth gauge combo) $12
Weight (up to 20-lbs) $6
Wetsuit $10
Dive Computer $15
Dive Flag $10
Snorkel Package: Mask, Snorkel, Full-foot fins $6
Snorkel Package: Optical Mask, Snorkel, Full-foot fins $10
Boots and Strap fins $8

Daily Rental Rates:

Rentals prices are charged per 24 hour period from the time of rental.

Weekly Rental Rates:

Rent equipment for up to 7 days at the 4 days rental price. Offer good on all rental packages.



We require a deposit to cover the cost of the hired equipment. A signed Credit Card slip or Cash are acceptable.

Refund policy:

Once the rental equipment is accepted and leaves the premises, No refund will be given even in case of poor weather. Others will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


We reserve the right to deny-rental to anyone not trained in the safe use of the equipment.

Price listed here are subject to change without notice.