It was a Rescue class

Before my first Advanced Training dive, there was a traffic accident between two cars on the road in front of Leleiwi. Bill took off his BC & weight belt - handed me the flag float -  and he helped the people out of the cars and settled them on the side of the road. I don't remember doing anything except stand at the water's edge, hold on to that flag, and watch Bill take care of business.

During this event, a swimmer had been trying to swim into the entry/exit from Richardson's side but she had no fins and was caught in an outgoing rush of water at the surface. She was stuck in one place treading water for 10 minutes, kinda looking at me strangely. Again, I did nothing but watch her and Bill & hold that damn flag.

When the ambulance arrived, Bill walked back and asked what was happening. I told him about the woman and he yelled to ask if she was stuck, when she said 'Yes!' he put his mask and fins on and swam to her and dragged her back to shore. She got out OK and finally Bill put on his equipment and we started my Advanced class. He said something like, "Some days are tough..." as we entered the water.

You would be more fortunate to have Bill around - than me. Looking back, I don't know what I was thinking, but I sure know what Bill was doing: he was helping people.



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